4 Better & Healthier Ways to Carry Your Hand Bags

If you’re like most women—busy, professional, and chic—your stylish handbag may be weighing somewhere close to a sack of rice, if not more. Your laptop, extra shirt, tumbler, makeup bag, journal, and Kitkat bars may be necessary, but that overstuffed bag isn’t just a pain to carry around—it poses a danger to your health. Carrying […]

3 Reasons You Should Invest in a Quality Handbag – What to Know


Your handbag is one of the best accessories you could ever own. With all the various styles that are available in today’s market, you can mix and match it with any outfit you want and complement it with your other accessories to create an ideal appearance.  Whether you are a handbag collector or a fashion […]

Which Handbag Fits Your Body Type – Our Guide


Fashion is a fast-paced industry. Now that there’s plenty of fashion stores, especially in the digital market, there’s a wide range of products to choose from as well. With the convenience of shopping through smartphones, consumers spend a lot more money on buying designer and trendy pieces than usual. More and more people are willing […]

5 Signs to Look out for When Shopping for a Quality Handbag – Our Guide

leather handbags

Despite a surge in consumer demand for more premium products, plenty of products available today look and feel disposable. In an age of consumerism, it seems as if the term “quality” now only serves as a marketing tactic, to the point that any product can be labeled as such. Somewhere along the way, the true […]

Stylish & Practical: How to Choose the Right Handbag For You

In this day and age, women keep an eye out for the latest and stylish handbags collections, rapidly becoming concentrated on trends rather than suitability and practicality. Indubitably, this is a common mistake most women make, all in an attempt to always be a step ahead in fashion. Purchasing designer handbags, for instance, can be […]

A Practical Guide for Picking the Best Handbag for You – What to Know

Handbags are considered essential accessories as they play a vital role in the life of many modern women. They do more than just carry daily essentials because they are also a fashion statement that compliments your uniqueness. Before investing in a quality handbag, consider what you need in a staple item. Whether you’re looking for […]

4 Reasons to Choose Leather Handbags as a Gift – Our Buyer’s Guide

Leather is a material that will never go out of season as its impeccable quality and style make it undeniably luxurious. Carrying a leather bag over your shoulder can promote a sophisticated and refined impression, making it a classic that you can kick with any ensemble or occasion.  The best part about leather bags is […]

Handbag Styles to Match Your Outfit – Our Guide

For most women, handbags are necessary to complete their outfit. However, with all the options available in the market, making it overwhelming to decide what right piece is worth the investment. Every season, new and trendy designs are released, making the choices more complicated. Aside from being a fashion staple that you should have in […]