5 Tips For Styling White Handbags With Your Outfit

woman holding a handbag

When most ladies choose their handbags, they tend to go for darker colors and neutral shades. Dark bags are a practical choice. They don’t look dirty with prolonged use, and are generally easier to pair with clothing. Black, navy, and brown bags also seem like a safe choice. Even with a unique shape, they seem to age well as trends change.

Even if black is the obvious choice, every wardrobe should have a variety. High-quality white handbags are stunning to look at, and they make a stylish statement. They appear crisp, clean, and bright against many outfits. Lighter colored bags may need a little more attention and care when you carry them, but that shouldn’t stop you from purchasing a handbag in this shade if it’s one you love. 

If you have a white bag that you’ve been eyeing, or you have one sitting in your closet waiting to be carried, here are few tips to help you look for the right outfit to wear it with:

1. Go all white

If you are feeling bold, why not take the cue from your bag and go all-white? A pristine white top and bottom can make you stand out in any crowd. Try a silk blouse and cigarette trousers for a sharp look. To complete the effect, make sure each piece is neatly pressed. 

2. Wear the color family

There’s more than one shade of white–there’s eggshell, cream, porcelain, or pearl, to name a few. Try one or a combination of these “darker” shades of white and watch the colors blend together effortlessly. Pair a cream sweater with off-white jeans, and your handbag will fill right at home.

3. Opposites attract

The best way to make your white bag stand out is to wear it against its polar opposite: black. An all-black outfit, midi dress, or top-and-pant combination can create the perfect backdrop for your stylish white leather tote or satchel.

4. Accentuate with your accessories

Even if you choose a neutral outfit, you can tie in your white bag with carefully selected accessories like a scarf, headband, or shoes. Be careful not to overdo it. When you relegate white to an accentuating status, don’t try to overcompensate by wearing too much.

5. Follow the light

Plenty of lighter shades will go well with white. Pastel and chambray make sweet combinations, as do lighter earth tones. When you stay on the lighter side, your outfit won’t clash with your bag because they are already on the same side of the light spectrum. 

The key to wearing white is to pick materials that are high-quality and long-wearing. Pick a white bag made from fine materials with tasteful hardware. The color itself is enough to catch anyone’s eye since only a few people dare to take the challenge of carrying white bags. You don’t need an overly embellished bag to make a statement. Follow these style tips and let the handbag be the center of attention of your ensemble. When you really think about it, white bags are just as versatile as any other purse choice. 

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