Fashion Chic Assessment: 3 Handbag Mistakes You Might Be Committing

model with a red handbag

Fashion is more than just the surface level of glamor—it’s an art form, as each piece in your wardrobe speaks volumes about your personality. Handbags, in particular, are pieces that make or break ensembles, as each detail incorporated into creating them matters.  If you’re part of the group of handbag collectors in fashion, it’s easy […]

Designer Bags Can Be Great Investments, Here’s Why

a stylish hand bag

Most people don’t buy designer handbags primarily because they’re expensive, and they don’t think it’s worth it to spend a ton of money on one luxurious item. This is especially true for people who prioritize practicality over showing off. However, most people don’t realize that a designer handbag can be a worthy investment in the […]

5 Types of Handbags You Need to Own in 2020 – Our Guide

person with a handbag

Handbags are accessories that serve as fashion staples. Aside from helping you carry around your daily essentials, these serve as stylish must-haves that can complete any outfit. With their style and functionality, you can consider them as your trusted companions. These accessories come in a diverse range of styles, colors, designs, and sizes. They are […]

Handbags and Figures: Which Handbag Suits my Body Shape?

lady holding a hand bag

Handbags are as much fashion statements as they are functional pieces, and they can make or break your overall appearance. Handbags can complement your outfit and help you stand out. They’re versatile fashion accessories that are great for completing your look, but the wrong handbags can highlight your imperfections—so you have to choose wisely!  It’s […]

Leather Handbags: 8 Tips for Caring & Maintaining – Our Guide

Brown leather bag

A woman’s handbag speaks so much of her style. A leather bag, for example, is an epitome of durability, class, and style—that’s why it’s a classic favorite. Since leather is an organic material, it is more prone to potential dullness and damage. If you own a leather handbag, you need to be well-equipped with leather […]

Why Shoulder Bags Are an Ideal Accessory for Women – What to Know

Lady with a brown Shoulder bag

For the modern woman, one cannot leave home without the essentials—jewelry and handbags. Whether you’re after a classic, casual, or glamorous look, there are dozens of various handbag designs that can best suit your style. However, some consumers tend to prioritize how a handbag looks over how it functions. No matter how fashionable these statement […]

3 Reasons Why Handbags Remain as the Ultimate Accessory

The clothes an individual wears on their back speaks volumes about them. Along with the ensemble, accessories add features that reflect the sense of style, confidence, and life mindset. This makes having a go-to accessory crucial to get desirable outcomes. With such high expectations set, many wonder what the right accessory might be—the answer is […]