5 Signs to Look out for When Shopping for a Quality Handbag – Our Guide

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Despite a surge in consumer demand for more premium products, plenty of products available today look and feel disposable. In an age of consumerism, it seems as if the term “quality” now only serves as a marketing tactic, to the point that any product can be labeled as such. Somewhere along the way, the true definition of a well-constructed handbag has lost its meaning. We consume fast and dispose of even faster. You’ll wear items for a day or a month, only to later get rid of them because they end up falling apart or because the fashion season has shifted once more. It may not seem like it, but with fashion, you’re likely to be wasting thousands of dollars every year. The cycle needs to end now, and the best way to do it is through investing in high-quality products, including handbags.

To get the most out of your money, here are six signs of a quality handbag you need to look out for:

1. Secure Edges

Examine how one piece of material meets another. A bag with neatly folded and stitched material lasts longer, as opposed to one with a cut and painted edge. Cut and paint edges chip and fray easily, especially in high wear areas such as the strap, base, and outside edges. This technique helps designers save costs, as it requires less material, time, and skill. However, this comes at the expense of the buyer. 

Note: A quality handbag may show rougher stitching, which may be done purposefully as part of an unfinished, casual, and “edgy” look.

2. Clean Stitching 

The devil is in the details, so carefully examine the bag’s stitching. Experts note that a refined, high-quality handbag has smaller stitches per inch. All stitching should also be even, or in other words, the spacing and linear pattern should look the same stitch-to-stitch. Uneven and crooked stitching, as well as unraveling threads, indicate a lack of quality craftsmanship.

3. Sturdy Main Wear Points

A good quality handbag understands that high wear areas pose problems, and should have reinforcements in place. To determine this, tug at the straps and pull them away from the bag—does it cause the stitching to pull out?

The bag’s base and corners should also be examined. A handbag designed to stand on its own should have metal “feet” imbued on the bottom to protect it. The corners of the bag should also be smooth and solid, without any unnecessary protrusions that could wear and fray over time. 

4. Polished Interior

If you observe the bag industry well, you’ll realise that the most refined handbags are lined with an equally expensive interior, particularly materials that do not simply wear and tear. Majority of the most expensive bags, for instance, have leather interiors. Other bag interiors can also be made from suede and cloth, so choose one that best suits your needs. A leather interior may be best for bulky items, especially for traveling. Suede and cloth may be good for everyday use, but keep in mind that suede requires special care!

5. Professional Craftsmanship

The bag itself will have marks of good craftsmanship, but the only way you can truly tell is to know whose hands are responsible for it. Remember: a bag is only as good as the people who made it. Learning how to craft a truly refined luxury bag takes decades of training. As such, it’s no wonder why designer bags cost so much!


The world of fashion is shifting from mindless consumption to sustainable choices. Gone are the days of switching from trend to trend, with garments and accessories ending up on piles in landfills. The best way to consume responsibly is to invest in quality products, and that also pertains to your choice of handbags.

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