5 Factors of a High-Quality Handbag – What to Know

person carrying black leather handbag

Stylish and high-quality handbags are a beauty to look at, but that might not be the same case when you look at their price tags. This is why people who want something similar to the legitimate products often opt for more affordable options, while others also check out knock-offs and counterfeits.

The terrifying thing is that these counterfeits are almost identical to their legitimate counterparts, and they’re sold nearly everywhere! As a buyer, you will want to make sure that the handbag you’re paying for is not only fashionable but also sturdy and well-made.   

In this article, we will share five factors that will help you quickly tell a high-quality handbag apart from the rest:

1. Even stitches 

Well-made handbags have equidistant stitching, or stitches that are straight, even, and of the same size. Even a handbag with the most complex designs will bear equidistant stitches. Moreover, it will not have loose threads sticking out, and the thread used is thick and durable, strong enough to hold the bag together. 

The stitching in the exterior and the interior of high-quality handbags should also match, with both of them using the same durable thread. Finally, if you are looking at leather handbags, you should not see double stitching along its contours, because it can weaken the material. 

2. Metal zippers

High-quality handbags have zippers that are made from metal, with brass being the most commonly used material. However, some zippers also come plated in nickel or copper to match the design of the handbag. Keep in mind that the zippers of well-made handbags are not made from plastic! 

The teeth on the zipper are set into a thick and sturdy fabric, and the stitching that holds the zipper is also precisely sewn to avoid tearing. If you are able to hold the product, try zipping and unzipping the bag a few times to know if it works smoothly. 

3. Sturdy handles and straps

Skilled manufacturers know that handles and straps need to be sturdy because they are what you use to carry your bag. You can tell a well-made handbag from the rest by feeling its handles and straps – it should be thick and sturdy, never flimsy, yet comfortable enough for you. 

Additionally, you will notice that the straps are fastened to the bag securely. Also, there is often an extra layer of stitching to add support in the area where the strap joins the bag to prevent it from ripping. 

4. Heavy handbag hardware

The hardware of a handbag (buckles, handles, locks, and shoulder straps) which is poorly made generally appears cheap and feels light because it is often made from plastic. 

A high-quality handbag’s hardware, on the other hand, is usually heavy because they are made of durable metals. They’re also clean and perfectly smooth as a product of the manufacturer’s sophistication and attention to even the smallest details.  

5. Beautiful interior 

The best handbags are beautiful not only on the outside but more so on the inside! They usually have a thick and pretty lining made from materials as durable as those used in the exterior. 


The next time you purchase a handbag, make sure to look for these five factors mentioned above. In doing so, you’ll be sure to get yourself a stylish handbag with an artisanship that is worth your hard-earned money! 

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