Back-to-Back: Our Guide to Caring for 3 Different Types of Leather

woman with a stylish leather handbag

Leather handbags are a staple in men and women’s wardrobe. Carrying your belongings has never been more fashionable with a leather bag, making it one of the most reliable pieces that are as functional as it is stylish. 

While high-quality leather is built to last a lifetime, constant wear-and-tear can still lower its luster over time. Stains can make for an unsightly impression but cleaning your leather bags can do wonders in making it look good as new. 

The process is not as straightforward as it seems though, especially if you consider how different types of leather require special care. With that in mind, the guide below should help you maintain your collection according to its type: 

Tip #1: Caring for Painted Leather 

One of the most common types of leather is the ones finished with a painted coating, resulting in a smooth surface that is highly resistant to stains. It’s ability to repel stains and reliable durability make it one of the easiest leather to clean as all you need to do is wipe down the surface with a damp cloth. 

Ink and dark dyes can complicate the process as it can tarnish the paint, so cleaning the blotches of the ink off is best left to the hands of professional cleaners. 

Tip #2: Caring for Dyed Leather 

Dyed leather achieves a more natural look compared to painted ones, making it one of the best choices for those who want to complete classic looks. While the dye makes the surface undeniably stunning, it is also more vulnerable to stains and dirt. 

Cleaning dyed leather can also be tricky as it can affect the intensity of the dye, which means you have to take extra caution when wiping away stains. Unfortunately, most dyed leathers will have to be re-dyed by a specialist after cleaning. 

Tip #3: Caring for Patent Leather 

One of the perennial favorites in this list, patent leather showcases a lustrous shine, making it an excellent choice for glamming up outfits. Being one of the most stunning types of leather, it’s no surprise that it can also be a diva in terms of its upkeep as it is susceptible to scratches.

This means you need to use a soft, damp cloth that has zero chances of leaving hairline scratches on the surface. Any blemishes will be virtually impossible to polish off, so be sure to take extra care for patent leather handbags. Fortunately, it’s undeniable beauty makes all the tender, love, and care worth it. 

The Bottom Line: Caring for Your Leather Goods Requires Tailor-Made Methods 

Leather handbags are a must-have in everyone’s closets for its flexibility, fashion, and durability, but different types of leather have unique maintenance requirements. The guide above should clue you in on the basics, allowing you to keep its quality for the long haul. 

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