Fashion Chic Assessment: 3 Handbag Mistakes You Might Be Committing

model with a red handbag

Fashion is more than just the surface level of glamor—it’s an art form, as each piece in your wardrobe speaks volumes about your personality. Handbags, in particular, are pieces that make or break ensembles, as each detail incorporated into creating them matters. 

If you’re part of the group of handbag collectors in fashion, it’s easy to fall under the spell of knowing everything there is to know about bags—drenching your leather tote is never an option, storing your beaded clutch out in the sun will eventually destroy the colors, and dust bags have become your best friend—unfortunately, your care routine may not be doing enough. 

There are handbag care mistakes you may be committing, which could perhaps be the reason why some bags deteriorate faster than others. To ensure that all your pieces receive the tender loving care they deserve, here are three common mistakes you need to avoid now:

Mistake #1: Leaving your stylish handbags out in the open as decorative pieces 

Your apartment may be benefiting from your extensive handbag collection—that hand-painted leather bag certainly pairs well with your ceramic pieces, as with your crystal beaded bag against the deep green of your potted plant. While you’d naturally want to display those creative bags you do not use often, you risk shortening their lives, 

You already know how crucial dust bags are, and leaving your bags exposed to light and dust will only be detrimental to their state. No matter how safe you think your space may be, there’s always the possibility of ruining your handbags—better to keep them safely stored in dustbags!

Mistake #2: Forgetting to empty your bags at the end of the day

You’ve had another long day—with your shoes lay forgotten at the doorstep and your handbag deposited into the counter, it’s incredibly tempting to just leave it be—what can your apartment do to harm your handbag, anyway? The culprit, however, lies within the depths of your bag. Failing to remove the things inside allows dust, food, and other contaminants to seep into the linings of your bag. 

By emptying your bag each night, however, you get to not only keep the integrity of your bag intact but ensure that your purse’s condition remains topnotch. You wouldn’t want to reach inside one morning and discover a large tear—go ahead and examine it closely!

Mistake #3: Designating your pieces into large plastic bins 

As a woman appreciative of the handbag art form, you’ll likely own more than ten purses. Your idea of storage could perhaps be placing each bag in a dust bag and then stuffing them away into a large plastic bin to be stored away. 

While this will indeed ward off light and dust from harming your pieces, plastic can harm your leather bags. It traps moisture and suffocates the material, allowing it to essentially deteriorate during storage. Your clutch bags and other pieces will survive your plastic storage, but keep your leather in a dry place. 

The Bottom Line

As a highly significant piece in the fashion scene, handbags are items worth investing in. Having multiple bags is never a crime, especially since each piece is imbued with art, style, and personality, which pulls your ensembles together. 

As a collective, however, you need to ensure that you’re treating them well. Investing in a piece and later tossing it aside can be like forcing money down the drain, so keep these common mistakes in mind as you find suitable areas for your works of art—and not as display pieces, please!

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