How to Remove Mold from Your Leather Bag and a Few Care Tips

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Having mold in your favorite leather bag is the worst thing that can happen to it. Molds are harmful and destructive to leather, and they diminish the aesthetics of your bag. Once they start growing, they can be difficult to get rid of.

Molds develop in leather bags for various reasons, but, in most cases, it is due to improper storage. There are special guidelines for protecting a leather handbag, and this article will teach you how to prevent and address this problem.  

Protecting Your Leather Bag From Mold

Protection is always the best way to prevent molds from getting into your leather bag, especially if you have a bright-colored leather bag in white, yellow, pink, or cream. Apart from ruining your bag’s appearance, molds can discolor your bag’s leather and give it a stale odor. 

Here are some ways to prevent mold growth on leather: 

  • Clean your leather bag regularly. 
  • Air it out at least once a month.
  • Spray it with a low-pressure leather spray, but make sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions. 
  • Coat your leather bag with a thin layer of wax dressing to prevent it from absorbing moisture. 
  • Remove any signs of mold or mildew as soon as you notice them.
  • Store your leather in a dry place. 

The Ideal Storage for Fine Leather

Store your leather bag in a well-ventilated, cool environment with a 40- to 60-percent humidity. Instead of running your air conditioner 24/7 (which can increase your electric bill), an electric dehumidifier in your wardrobe is a more cost-effective alternative. If you are looking for a non-electric option, you can try charcoal dehumidifiers or desiccants. Just remember to replace them regularly. 

Using leather protectors and waterproofing sprays can also help. They add another layer of protection that prevents water absorption. However, if you resort to this option, make sure to use the right spray for your leather since using the wrong one can stain or discolor your bag. 

What to Do When You Spot Mold

The first thing you should do when you spot mold on your bag is to stay calm. There is a fix for everything, so there is no need to panic. Here are the things you should do next:

  • Bring your bag outdoors to prevent the mold from spreading to your other belongings. 
  • Give it a quick check and try to remove the mold using a soft brush.
  • Once you remove all the visible mold, apply a leather cleaner using a damp cloth and give it a good wipe. However, make sure you avoid the hardware components. 
  • Hang the bag in a bright and airy place, then let it dry. Make sure not to place it in direct sunlight. 
  • Once the bag is clean and dry, rub a leather conditioner all over it to keep it supple. 

Now, your leather bag is ready for storage. Here are some tips you can do to avoid mold in the future: 

  • Stuff the bag with acid-free wrapping tissue to maintain its original shape. You can use newspapers as an alternative, but beware that its ink may stain the bag’s interior. If you want to be extra careful, you can also wrap the bag’s hardware with the same paper to avoid leather marks.  
  • Before storing it, place the bag in a breathable dust bag. The original dust bag it came with is always the best option. In case you have lost it or you need an alternative, a clean pillowcase will suffice. Make sure that it is large enough so the bag will not warp. 


Knowing how to correctly take care of your leather bag and observing regular and proper maintenance can prevent you from experiencing this headache. If your handbag does get moldy, take it to a professional cleaner as soon as you can.

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