5 Types of Handbags You Need to Own in 2020 – Our Guide

person with a handbag

Handbags are accessories that serve as fashion staples. Aside from helping you carry around your daily essentials, these serve as stylish must-haves that can complete any outfit. With their style and functionality, you can consider them as your trusted companions.

These accessories come in a diverse range of styles, colors, designs, and sizes. They are also created to serve different purposes. Whether you are laid-back or a thrill-seeker who is always on-the-go, there is a perfect quality handbag that works best for the occasion, your lifestyle, and style preferences. To help you choose the right handbag that is best for you, Here is a list of handbags you should have in your closet:

Shoulder bag

Shoulder bags are considered the most popular and widely used handbag. With their ample storage space and double straps that can easily rest on your shoulders, you can bring along your belongings with you in the most convenient and comfortable way wherever you go. 

Tote bag

What makes tote bags special and unique is that they have broad straps that make them easy and convenient to carry. Also, they offer enough room to store all your items you want to carry anywhere you go.

Tote bags are best used for occasions when you want to look casual chic, such as shopping, traveling, running errands, strolling at the park, heading to the beach, and going on an intimate, low-key date. To create an effortlessly stylish look, you can pair them with simple and minimalist outfits.


Backpacks are one of the most functional bags that you can ever own. They have durable straps that distribute the weight of your belongings evenly on both your shoulders, making them convenient and easy to carry around. With the one-of-a-kind features that make them comfortable to use, backpacks are most ideal for adventure-seekers and working professionals. Best of all, they have spacious storage space that can hold all your essentials from books, clothes, documents, food, makeup, to many more. 

Leather backpacks are appropriate for work and formal settings. On the other hand, backpacks made from fabric and other standard materials are best used during casual occasions.

Sling bag

Sling bags are trendy stylish handbags that are popular among young women. Just like tote bags, they are perfect for casual purposes. They come in a wide variety of materials, shapes, styles, and sizes, making them versatile and fashionable. 

To use a sling bag properly, wear it across your body. This will place the weight of your belongings towards your neck, which prevents it from slipping off your shoulder.  

Satchel bag

If you’re a sucker for things that seem to tell a wonderful piece of history, then you should definitely buy a satchel bag. This type of bag looks vintage and traditional, which is perfect to use if you’re going for a soft, warm, and chic look.

While satchel bags are compact, they provide you with enough space to store all your essentials. These are also appropriate for office and school use.


You deserve to have the perfect handbag that matches every occasion in your life. To express yourself through fashion and make your life more comfortable and convenient, invest in quality handbags that are stylish, functional, and durable.

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