Why Shoulder Bags Are an Ideal Accessory for Women – What to Know

Lady with a brown Shoulder bag

For the modern woman, one cannot leave home without the essentials—jewelry and handbags. Whether you’re after a classic, casual, or glamorous look, there are dozens of various handbag designs that can best suit your style. However, some consumers tend to prioritize how a handbag looks over how it functions. No matter how fashionable these statement pieces are, overlooking function can negatively affect your satisfaction with the purchase. To ensure you’re investing in quality handbags, be sure to keep these features in mind.


Shoulder bags are comfortable to carry—but can they comfortably carry all the items you take around with you on a daily basis? When purchasing a handbag, check for inner pockets and compartments that can help keep your things organized. Ever had to fish for your ringing phone and found it only after it’s finished ringing? A handbag with more pockets might help solve the problem. If you carry a lot of items and accessories, be sure you can reach for them easily when you’re on the go. Keep your most important items in separate, smaller compartments where you won’t mistake them for anything else.


One of the things that make a handbag versatile is its ability to match various looks. Detachable straps can help transform your casual look into a formal one by turning your shoulder bag into a clutch. Bags will usually come with a single or double strap. Some will sport double-variety straps. Check that the outer straps don’t slip, as this is a common issue with double-variety strap bags.


Give your shoulder bag a test run before making a final purchase. Are the straps too long, too short, or just right for your height? Strap length can affect the way you use your bag in the long-run more so than you think! Prioritize a bag with manually adjustable straps and can sit comfortably under your arm. 


Perhaps the biggest deciding factor for most handbag buyers is material. If you’re a fan of leather bags but can afford the steep price tag, avoid purchasing vinyl bags, as this material can easily crack and split, especially around the areas where the handles are attached. Don’t be fooled by stylish handbags with poor functionality. We recommend doing a bit of research on handbag materials to decide which will best suit your needs.

One feature you shouldn’t glaze over is the bag’s zipper. Some will come with a magnetic strap, which may make opening and closing your bag a bit of a challenge. Does the zipper seem flimsy? Sturdy? Does the bag come with an extra zipper in case the existing one snaps? Consider what will make the items inside your bag most accessible to you. 


When it comes to buying the right designer shoulder bag, be sure you’re doing your research. Don’t just think style, think function, and comfort. 

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