4 Better & Healthier Ways to Carry Your Hand Bags

If you’re like most women—busy, professional, and chic—your stylish handbag may be weighing somewhere close to a sack of rice, if not more. Your laptop, extra shirt, tumbler, makeup bag, journal, and Kitkat bars may be necessary, but that overstuffed bag isn’t just a pain to carry around—it poses a danger to your health.

Carrying a heavy bag on your shoulder means lifting your shoulder higher than usual, as well as leaning over to the other side. Unfortunately, this also means you’re forcing your spine to operate in a curve. The misalignment then leads to pain in your back, neck, and shoulders, ultimately causing bigger issues like joint strain and herniated disks.

While being on-the-go can’t be helped, there are ways to protect yourself from the harmful effects of your daily luggage. Here are four ways you can carry your bag better, for which your bones will thank you later:

Solution #1: Carry two bags

The best way to avoid pain development or disk malfunction is to simply distribute the weight evenly. Disperse the weight across both shoulders by carrying two bags, as this helps you avoid asymmetry in the spine. You’ll also help relieve the curve and pressure on the spine, leaving you with a more balanced posture. 

Solution #2: Lighten your load

If carrying two bags won’t help, lightening your load is necessary. A study by the Journal of Physical Therapy Science postulates that your handbag should never exceed 15% of your body weight. If you weigh 145 pounds, for instance, aim to carry a bag around 21 pounds at most. Remember that anything heavier than that can alter your posture. Constant subject to such weights can also lead to long-term spinal problems, so keep the numbers in check.

Solution #3: Increase your core strength

Regardless of how light or heavy your handbag is, allowing yourself to develop a store core will help you achieve better posture and prevent any spinal alignment issues. Core strength training in your workout routine will help immensely. The best one includes planks, oblique-focused exercises, and even back exercises. If you wish to achieve a good posture, develop your core!

Solution #4: Switch up the bag

Your shoulder bag isn’t the only available bag out there. If you’re carrying pounds of things daily, a backpack may be the most ergonomic choice. A crossbody bag can also help, but too much load will strain your neck. If a shoulder bag or handbag is necessary, make sure to switch sides periodically. This helps even things out, helping you avoid back pains and muscle aches later in the day.

The Takeaway

A career woman always needs a trusty bag, as it (quite literally!) carries the most important items. You’ll need wipes, rubbing alcohol, spare clothes, snacks, water bottles, a journal, and your laptop if you’re going around the city. While carrying these around is necessary, you shouldn’t have to compromise your health. In this day and age, it’s incredibly important to slow down and listen to your body. Those back pains do not mean you’re working hard—they may be signs of issues!

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