Which Handbag Fits Your Body Type – Our Guide


Fashion is a fast-paced industry. Now that there’s plenty of fashion stores, especially in the digital market, there’s a wide range of products to choose from as well. With the convenience of shopping through smartphones, consumers spend a lot more money on buying designer and trendy pieces than usual.

More and more people are willing to purchase expensive items just because they are popular, without considering whether a piece will look good on them or not. In the end, they’ll end up buying products that they will never wear.

Most people probably don’t know what type of handbags suits them, or worse, they can’t even identify what type of body they have. With that said, here’s an explainer about body types and which handbags are suitable for each:

1. Inverted Triangle Body Type

There are two classifications of a triangle body type. 

  • Waist and hips are smaller than shoulders

Your aim here is to wear a piece that will attract attention to your waist. Since your lower body is leaner, try wearing handbags that land perfectly in these areas. Doing so will balance out your hips and shoulder areas. Also, keep in mind to avoid wearing oversized pieces as not to overpower you.

Recommended bag: crossbody, hobo, and shoulder bags

  • Waist and rear are wider than shoulders

Handbag with short straps that falls between your hips and waist looks best with this body type. You should wear pieces that help your shoulders appear broader to balance out your figure. Also, since anyone can quickly notice it, you may want to wear stylish handbags that give flavor to your style.

Recommended bag: shoulder handbag, and hobo handbags

2. Rectangle Body Type

If your waist, shoulders, and hips are the same sizes, then you have a rectangle body type. For this, you would need to wear handbags that end on your hips. To flatter your figure, you should add slight curves to your long and lean body type.

Recommended bag: satchel and hobo handbags

3. Hourglass Body Type

Women who have hourglass bodies have defined waist and balanced hips and shoulders. Most people dream of having this type of body since it mostly works with any fashion pieces. Just be mindful of choosing the right size that flatters your body.

Recommended bag: tote, satchel, hobo, crossbody, and shoulder handbags

4. Apple Body Type

A person with an apple body type has narrower shoulders and thighs than their bust and waist. Women who have large busts should avoid wearing short, small-sized handbags since they will look unflattering. Instead, you should wear structured pieces to create balance.

Recommended bag: tote, slings, and crossbody bags


You should learn how to identify your body figure so that you can properly and smartly choose the right fashion pieces for you. If you feel restricted that you can’t wear cute, trendy pieces because they don’t flatter your figure, don’t worry because there are handbags that suit all body types. Clutches, evening bags, and cigar boxes are among those handbags styles that you can freely wear in any event.

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