Stylish & Practical: How to Choose the Right Handbag For You

In this day and age, women keep an eye out for the latest and stylish handbags collections, rapidly becoming concentrated on trends rather than suitability and practicality. Indubitably, this is a common mistake most women make, all in an attempt to always be a step ahead in fashion. Purchasing designer handbags, for instance, can be very tempting. Unfortunately, this practice doesn’t guarantee resulting in a knockout outfit. Shining in fashion doesn’t always mean following the trends—it takes careful consideration, understanding, and balance, especially when it comes to mixing and matching. As a fashionista, choosing a handbag may be a simple task, but finding the right one calls for the penchant for the true style factors: pretty and practical. Here are some tips for choosing the right handbag for you: 

1 – Select the right size

One of the most important things you need to consider is finding the right size for you. If you’re tall, bigger and longer bags will suit you best, such as crossbody and messenger bags. For the petite, medium-sized bags will do you well, such as tote bags. Keep in mind that no matter how stylish you may deem a bag to be, if it isn’t in accordance with your body, it will not match the rest of your look.

2 – How comfortable is it?

Fashion continues to evolve, and today, comfort reigns. We’ve entered the age of athleisure, where sweatpants and sneakers are considered as part of high fashion. That said, it’s only right to consider comfort when choosing a handbag. Avoid anything too heavy but at the same time, don’t purchase anything too light that it becomes flimsy. A heavy bag hurts your shoulders and back, which can be harmful in the long run. Moreover, make sure that the slings and straps stay in place—you wouldn’t want them bothering you during coffee dashes and commuting sprints!

3 – Does it complement your daily wardrobe?

Finally, the right handbag should complement your already existing wardrobe. If you’re into earth tones, for instance, make sure that you get a bag in white or brown. For the minimalists, black and white will do. Matching shades with your shoes is also an ideal way to look more polished, as long as it complements and matches the rest of your garments. While a vibrant bag can help any outfit stand out, make sure that it’s not too over the top—a neon pink, cow print handbag wouldn’t age well! Remember: fashion preaches practicality, too!

The Bottom Line

Now equipped with fundamental tips in selecting the right bag for you, you will now be able to shop and make well-informed decisions. As you browse through collections, remember these three items: stylish, functional, and comfortable. You will have the perfect go-to accessory in no time, one guaranteed to make you the ultimate stylish icon!

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